Stop Leaving Money On the Table

Your restaurant is missing out on extra profits by not optimizing its upselling strategy. MeetNative was created to provide a guaranteed boost to restaurants' gross profits and tips for their servers. Our solution can be set up in minutes with no upfront fees, and restaurants will only pay a small fee based on the extra revenue generated.

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What We Do

We help restaurents increase their profits in 3 major ways

Our solution will provide a guaranteed, risk-free boost to your gross profits and tips for your servers.

We'll help you get new high-caliber customers through our app who will happily pay more than your average order value.

We'll help you increase your repeat business by providing insightful data about your customers, including their names, email addresses, and frequency of visits. This information will enable you to improve your marketing strategies, solicit online reviews, and create personalized experiences that delight your customers.

How It Works?

We've provided a standard example for your reference below. Modify the values in those 7 white boxes to observe how it pertains to your restaurant

Daily average number of customers

Average Order Value $

Menu Profit Margin %

Average tip %

Upsell offer minimum $

Cost of perk per customer $

% of customers redeemeding perks

Sign up for free and create an off-menu perks to incentivize your customers to spend more

You have to decide which perks you will offer to customers who spend at least the minimum amount that you have established. You can change the perks and minimum spend at any time. Your perks should only be available to MeetNative users and they should fall under three categories: Drinks, Appetizers, and Desserts.

To ensure a guaranteed boost in gross profits, your upsell offer's minimum spend should exceed your average order value by 25%, and the average cost of the perks per customer should be kept below 15% of your average order value.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Due to MeetNative, your restaurant's monthly revenue will increase by
Due to MeetNative, your server's monthly tips will increase by
The figures are likely to be significantly greater as most customers are expected to exceed the minimum spending requirement, resulting in higher numbers.
The total cost of providing the off-menu perks for the month is
This is the total cost of providing free drinks, appetizers, and desserts to customers who have spent at least the minimum amount. This number will vary from month to month depending on the perks you choose to offer.
The total cost of using MeetNative for the month is
You'll be charged just $1 for each customer who redeems the perk, even if that customer is accompanied by multiple parties.

The net benefit of using Meetnative is


Gain new customers through our platform

New and existing customers will be able to find your restaurant through our app. The customers will have to redeem the perks in person by showing your staff they have claimed the perks via our app. However, the customers must spend the minimum spend first before they can redeem the perks. We make it super easy to use our platform so you won’t have to spend valuable training your staff.

Increase your repeat business

You will have data access and analytics about your customers including their names, email addresses, and frequency of visits. You will have the opportunity to retarget them to convert them into loyal customers. This information will enable you to improve your marketing strategies, solicit online reviews, and create personalized experiences that delight your customers.

By providing a memorable experience to our users, they will be more likely to recommend your restaurant to their network. We don’t collect reviews on our platform because we encourage our members to share their experiences on other popular platforms such as Google & Yelp to better help you.

Discover Our Benefits

No upfront fees and no hardware to install. Compatible with all systems.
Generate incremental revenue and gain new customers.
Get insightful data about your customers to increase repeat business.
Easily calculate your ROI so you’ll never lose money.

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