Stop Leaving Money On the Table

Businesses are losing money every day for not upselling properly. Upselling can increase your revenue by 10-30% on average and MeetNative was created for local businesses like yours to help you upsell effectively with ease.

What We Do

We help local businesses such as restaurents, bars, clubs, food trucks, and event organizers increase their sales in 3 major ways

We increase your average ticket sales by making it easy for you to upsell effectively with minimal effort.

We help you get new customers through our network of local promoters which we call "Natives" who will be promoting your venue for free

We help you increase your repeat business by providing you with insightful data about your customers including their names, email addresseses and frequency of visits.

How Does It Work?

Create a free listing for your venue on your phone to start upselling

All listings on our platform must include a perk and the minimum spend the customer must pay to qualify for the perk. It is 100% up to you to choose your perks and the minimum spend per person. The perks could be a free item off your menu or a free drink - it’s all up to you. You can change them at any time.

The minimum spend you set should be higher than your average ticket sales and high enough to cover the cost of the perk and our $1 booking fee which should lead to an increase in revenue per booking.

For example, if your average ticket sale is $30 and the perk you want to offer will cost you $4, You should set your minimum spend per person to $36 or more in order to increase you revenue per ticket.

$36 (Minimum spend per person) - $4 (Cost of perk) - $1 (Booking fee) = $31 (Higher avg. ticket sale)

Minimum spend per person - Cost of perk - $1 Booking fee = Higher avg. ticket sale

Inside your venue, you can use our custom flyers to inform existing and new customers about the promotion. Additionally, you should encourage your staff to let customers know about the promotion because it will lead to greater tips for them and more revenue for your venue.

Our research and data from our current partners prove customers are far more likely to spend more at your venue if there are perks involved. Our unique solution makes upselling much easier and effective without your brand being seen as aggressive or pushy.

Gain new customers through our platform

We have a team of local promoters which we call “Natives” who will be promoting your venue for free. Additionally, new customers will be able find your venue through our platform. The users will have to redeem the perks in person after they spend the minimum spend by showing your staff their booking screen. We make it super easy to use our platform so you won’t have to spend valuable training your staff.


Increase your repeat business

You will have data access and analytics about your customers including their email addresses and frequency of visits. You will have the opportunity to retarget them to convert them into loyal customers.

By providing a memorable experience to our users, they will be more likely to recommend your business to their network. We don’t collect reviews on our platform because we encourage our members to share their experiences on other popular platforms such as Google & Yelp to better help you.

Discover Our Benefits

No upfront fees and no hardware to install. Compatible with all systems.
Generate incremental revenue and gain new customers.
Get insightful data about your customers to increase repeat business.
Easily calculate your ROI so you’ll never lose money.
More Benefit and Features Cost
The ability to create private promotions that can only be seen by a special group of customers that you choose Included for free
The ability to provide a takeout option for your customers Included for free
The ability to accept reservations with ease Included for free

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