Start upselling & boost your revenue

MeetNative is an upselling platform for local businesses that only charges you when we increase your revenue. Our results are measurable, predictable and trackable. You will know the exact return of every dollar spent.


We help local businesses generate incremental revenue with minimal effort

How Does It Work?

Create your free listing on your smart phone

All listings on our platform must include a perk and the minimum spend the customer must pay to qualify for the perk. It is 100% up to you to choose your perks and the minimum spend per person. The perks could be a free item off your menu, free entrance, VIP service and much more - it's all up to you. We have a flat fee of $1 per booking. The minimum spend you set should be high enough to cover the cost of the perk, our booking fee, and it should lead to an increase in revenue

Turn on your phone notifications

We will notify you and your team about every new booking. You will receive personal data about each customer and have the opportunity to retarget them to convert them into loyal customers.

Generate WOM advertising!

By providing a memorable experience to our users, they will be more likely to recommend your business to their friends. We don't collect reviews on our platform because we encourage our members to share their experiences on other popular platforms such as Google & Yelp to better help you.

Discover Our Benefits

No upfront Fees
Generate word-of-mouth advertisting
Generate incremental revenue
Get peronsal data about your customers
Easily calculate your ROI
Increase your reviews & recommendations
Get to know your customers personally
Set your business apart

MeetNative Beta is currently live in Miami! Don’t miss the opportunity to become a partner before we reach our limit!

Please keep in mind that we can only accept a certain amount of Partners. After which, new aspiring Partners will be placed on our waiting list.